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 Do you know....The 5 Step DROP DEAD SIMPLE Process To Grow A

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PostSubject: Do you know....The 5 Step DROP DEAD SIMPLE Process To Grow A   Wed 4 Oct 13:29

Are you like most small business owners you have more
than your share of problems:

* Lack of Capital
* Lack of Prospects
* Lack of Customers

For most businesses, the solutions to those "typical problems" seem out of their reach due to either financial or technical reasons and/or a lack of Human Capital.

Fear not, my friend as I have discovered the solution to your problems:

His name is Marc Goldman and to many of the smartest people in the world, Marc is known as The Small Business Problem Solver.

Marc Goldman is the CEO of Goldbar Enterprises, a visionary ecommerce software and digital media company based out of White Plains, New York. Along with his wife Terry, he founded Goldbar back in 1994. They turned their blood, sweat and tears (and $30,000.00 in credit card debt) into
a 7 figure a year enterprise with a full time staff.

Marc has come up with a Paint by Numbers 5 Step System to DRAMATICALLY INCREASE the profits of ANY business using a combination of killer Online and Offline Marketing techniques.

Marc usually keeps this kind of stuff to himself or for the clients that pay him up to 2800.00 per hour for consulting.

But, I have managed to exert some pretty strong leverage on Marc to get him to agree to a 1 time ONLY teleseminar for my list only where he will reveal his strategies for the first time ever in public.

Mark your calendars for October 11th at Noon
Register Now http://www.biba4network.com/form-teleclass.html

5 Step DROP DEAD SIMPLE Process To Grow Any Business Teleseminar with Marc Goldman

On the teleseminar, Marc Goldman will teach you at least 7 unique and affordable solutions to your business problems!

Here is just a small sampling of what you will learn:

How to generate more revenue than you could ever imagine by tapping into the hidden assets buried in your business.

4 innovative, proprietary techniques on how to maximize revenues from your existing customers instead of having to ALWAYS be on the hunt for new ones.

Not enough website traffic? Don't worry - Marc has the solution for you there. Instead of being steered towards the next "magic traffic bullet" all the time, you will learn the worlds most powerful methods for attracting
traffic to your website and be shown EXACTLY how to implement them.

Referrals and word of mouth build long lasting businesses.
Marc will give you a proven system to automatically get referrals from your friends and customers - this system is so effective that you may never need to manually ASK for a referral again.

You will learn super simple (and really slick ways) to convert site visitors (and store browsers) into REAL, hard core prospects

How to stop prospects from abandoning your order process.
Shopping cart abandonment costs e-retailers $63 billion a year! Studies show that 75% of online shoppers abandon carts and that the average e-retailer has a 70% abandonment rate. Marc and his company have made it a priority to help you solve this incredible loss to your bottom line. Learn
at least 4 new ways to stop shopping cart abandonment for good!

Click here to register for this amazing 1 time teleseminar and learn how simple it can be to grow your business as big as you like just by applying Marc's 5 Step DROP DEAD Simple process.

See you on the call!

Biba F. Pedron
"The Connection Queen"
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Do you know....The 5 Step DROP DEAD SIMPLE Process To Grow A
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