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 The Ezine Queen's Online Success Blueprint-in-a-BOX is here!

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PostSubject: The Ezine Queen's Online Success Blueprint-in-a-BOX is here!   Wed 7 Mar 16:53

I'm writing because I want to make sure you don't miss out on
something that can dramatically boost your marketing this year.

Do you know Alexandria Brown, a.k.a. "The Ezine Queen"?

She's really shaking things up with the "big boys" of the
Internet marketing world. Why? Because she's so open and honest
about what WORKS (and what doesn't work) when it comes to using
email, the Internet, and information marketing to transform your

Instead of dangling exciting "magic pill" solutions in front of
You, or selling "the next big thing", Ali tells it like it is.
Especially at her SOLD OUT Online Success Blueprint Workshops,
the most recent of which was just a few months ago in L.A.

The bad news is, you missed out! During the 3 full days, she
shared her step-by-step, internet-based plan for dramatically
increasing your business while working LESS.

The GOOD news is, after hours of editing, polishing, and
coddling, the brand new 2007 Version of her "Online Success
Blueprint-in-a-BOX" is finally READY at

You'll want to jump on this FAST, because Ali is only releasing
*147 copies* of this version of the program, and she's
already 43% SOLD OUT.

This is Ali's 2nd year of honing this program to perfection, and
I can honestly and confidently tell you -- there is NOTHING else
out there like this! Her program is honestly changing lives.

But don't take my word (or even her word) that this stuff works.
Ali has *dozens and dozens of client success stories* at her info
page. Real people like you and me making thousands more each month
because of Ali's simple system.

You'll have to see what I mean -- get the scoop and reserve your
copy today at http://tinyurl.com/28odav
(And TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS so you can hear Ali's personal message
to you.)


Biba F. Pedron
The Connection Queen

PS - When Ali released last year's version of this program, it
sold out within WEEKS, so please don't delay - at least take a
look at http://tinyurl.com/28odav
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The Ezine Queen's Online Success Blueprint-in-a-BOX is here!
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