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 “Just Listen & Duplicate Marketing Kit”

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PostSubject: “Just Listen & Duplicate Marketing Kit”   Thu 10 Apr à 18:25

A Shorter Road to Profitable Results!
Secrets of Networking & Marketing Experts Revealed

You could take a few classes, attend several business consulting sessions, test out your marketing ideas,
revise them . . . and try them out again


You could download Biba’s “Just Listen & Duplicate Marketing Kit”so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

Secrets Revealed

You have to learn from the best in order to be the best. Now, let’s admit it . . no one is “the best” at everything. And this is why Biba, a renowned networking guru, better known in the marketing industry as “The Connection Queen”, has looked for and found 12 experts in small business, who are the best at what they do, the crème-de-la-crème in marketing, networking, and business in general. They are at the top of their game and have collaborated to help you boost your business by revealing to you their secrets of networking, marketing and business that have take them to the top and that keep them at the top!

Save Time . . . Just Listen & Duplicate

There are no classes. There are no books. There are no long, drawn-out assignments. There is nothing to do except listen and duplicate what the masters tell you. They will show you - in a few hours - what took them years to learn. And the great part is, there’s no trial and error on your part, because they have already done the problem solving that successful marketing, networking and running a business requires. Better still, you can be assured that what they are revealing works, because they are only sharing proven techniques that have worked for them time and time again!
So Just listen and duplicate.

Exclusive Interviews with 12 Marketing Experts

Save Money . . . An Ideal Education that’s Practical & Affordable

You don’t have to spend a fortune. This program is uniquely designed to offer YOU the most comprehensive information at the lowest possible cost. We gain when you learn, so we went to great lengths to make this product affordable to solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Listen as leading experts in their fields share their secrets and give you answers to the simplest or most puzzling questions you and small business owners just like you have. Listen as they reveal how to radically improve your marketing efforts and sharpen your networking, marketing and business skills so you can take your business to a point where you can experience the work/life balance you would like to have, a level where working smart and not hard IS actually achieved!

After listening to these 12 dynamic Audio’s, you will know how to:

Create a powerful company in 90 days

Triple your business through customer retention and other techniques

Reduce your work time while doubling your revenue

Maintain an incredible marketing advantage over other similar businesses

Quickly solve ALL your marketing problems forever!

Manage your money and not have your money manage you

Boost your business with public relations

Overcome networking fears

Gain huge, FREE media exposure

YOUR investment in "Just Listen & Duplicate Marketing kit " is $97 ONLY to access 12 Marketing Sessions with 12 hand-selected Marketing Experts.

(each of them charges from $350 to $2000/hour), so $97 to access those 12 experts, is the best deal you will ever get

In 12 steps, this program, will tell you exactly what to do, how to do it and how to duplicate what leading authorities in business and marketing do to stay miles ahead of their competition!


Biba F. Pedron
Maximize Your Networking Results

Want More Networking Tips,
Check My Blog at
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“Just Listen & Duplicate Marketing Kit”
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